WAZ is the desire to never do as others do, to shake codes and constantly push the boundaries of imagination.

To wear WAZ (We are Z-Generation) is to belong to the trendy and charismatic generation that is always searching for the next big thing.


A shoe, endless possibilities!

WAZ has a “No limit” concept. Regardless of where you go, your look, your mood … There is always a WAZ for you!


  • Pick up the WazkerZ and PlakZ of your choice
  • Slide your PlakZ in the WazkerZ

Vidéo: You are now ready for the WAZ experience: :

  • Change your pair of WAZ as you wish.
  • Combine different PlakZ in your WazkerZ making them unique.
  • Collect PlakZ, ensuring you always have a WazkerZ that fits every situation.


No matter the place, there is a WAZ for every situation!

In addition to the innovative concept, the product enjoys a wide range of prints showcasing the newest trends.

The Wazkerz are available in two basic colors: black or white. The Plakz will be commercialized with two collections a year: spring / summer and autumn / winter; each collection presenting 30 models of the freshest trends.

Basikz by WAZ:

As their name suggests, BazikZ are intended for your everyday life. Their simplicity allows you to match them with your entire wardrobe.

Classikz by WAZ:

Here we find patterns whose reputations are well established. Season after season, these have stood the test of time and they are here to stay.

Funkyz by WAZ

For fans of bright colors and “flashy” patterns One motto: let yourself go!

Hypez by WAZ

The HypeZ are directly inspired by the fashion of the moment. !

They allow you to create a shoe that perfectly complements your outfit. They’re perfect if you want to stand out at a trendy club!


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